Beyond Boundaries Logistic we are experts in the transport of hunting trophies for 7+ years. We help you in all aspects of the international shipment of your valuable cargo.

Seasoned or amateur hunter, you definitely have questions about importing / exporting your hunting trophy. Importer / Exporter of Hunting Trophies Our team of experts will be happy to provide answers to your questions to ensure that the transport of your trophies is as successful as your hunt.

Thanks to the perfect structuring of a worldwide network of expert agents, we have been working successfully and in a privileged way with many airlines and shipping partners for several years.

We attach great importance to a good relationship with our customers, which is why we assign you a dedicated expert advisor to ensure the full success of your hunting trophy transport operation.

Specialists in hunting trophy expeditions we know the international laws and documents necessarily required for the import / export of your hunting trophy.