Incorporated in March 2013, the Beyond Boundaries Logistics Limited (BBL) is a private company registered in the Republic of Mauritius (BRN: C13114912).

BBL Services the import/export market from its base in Mauritius, specialising in freight and freight forwarding.

Our emphasis is on flexibility to meet all our customer needs, supported by a worldwide agency network covering collection to delivery, through to customs clearance and bonded storage.

We offer a wide range of services: air freight, sea freight, road transport, customs clearance, port handling, warehousing, etc. Our expertise also includes providing complete and tailored solutions to meet the relocation needs of businesses and residential customers.

We propose solutions adapted to your needs. In Mauritius and throughout the world, we ensure the quality of our freight logistics services for international transport achievements characterized by the control of delays, safety and reliability of various executions and handling.